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Casa Hopi can be entered either through the front door or through the garage. The house is electronically controlled, which includes locking and unlocking the doors as well as opening the garage doors.

How to enter Casa Hopi through the front door

To unlock the front door, follow these instructions:

  1. Touch the lock’s black surface with the back of your hand – this wakes up the lock
  2. Punch in the personal code you have been given, followed by the “*” [star] sign. The door will unlock.
    A common mistake is to use the “#” [pound] sign which will *not* unlock the door. Example: “123456 *”

How to lock the front door

  1. Pull the door shut, and keep pulling the door. This is to ensure the lock mechanism will catch properly.
  2. While pulling the door, use the back of your other hand and with a sweeping motion touch the black surface of the lock from top to bottom. The lock bolt will engage and the door will be locked.

How to enter Casa Hopi through the garage

A keypad is placed on the wall between the two garage bays. Just punch in the personal code you have been given and press the button with the up/down arrows. The main door will open.