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Caution: Do not let anyone operate the shower who is unable to move out of the shower stream quickly. The temperature can vary substantially.

Shower handle turned to right for hot water

Turn the shower handle to the right for hot water

Shower handle with arrow pointing out from wall

Start the shower by pulling the handle towards you

Shower handle turned down for pleasant temperature

Turn shower handle down for mixed hot and cold water

Turning on the shower

  1. 5 minutes before having a shower, turn on the shower light (in the master bathroom) or the washroom light (in the second bathroom). This starts the hot water circulation pump that brings hot water closer to all faucets.
  2. Use the 5 minute wait to brush your teeth, select today’s clothes or see if you can discover any animals in the desert.
  3. Turn the shower handle to the right (long handle points right = hot water; long handle points left = cold water)
  4. Pull the shower handle, i.e. extend it from the wall by pulling it towards you. Now you have water gushing out. You can control the flow by pushing/pulling the handle.
  5. When the water is starting to get warm (should take ~15 seconds if the circulation pump is running), move the handle to point down for a comfortable temperature.

Stop the water by pushing the handle in towards the wall

Stop the water by pushing the handle in towards the wall

Turning off the shower

  1. Push the shower handle all the way to the wall.

Troubleshooting the shower

Question: I only get a trickle of water. What’s wrong?


  • First make sure you have pulled the shower handle all the way out from the wall. If you only pull it a little, or if you only turned the handle, you will only get a little water. Make sure to pull it firmly but gently all the way out.
  • If that doesn’t help, check if water is coming from the faucets. If there is no water from the faucets there is a major fault. Please contact the homeowners for solving the problem.
  • If there is abundant water from the faucets but only a trickle from the shower then most likely there are fragments from the water installation caught in the faucet filter. The objects constricting the flow can only be removed by removing the shower-head and cleaning the filter. Please contact the homeowner.

Question: I cannot turn off the shower and it keeps running/dripping. What now?


  • Make sure to push the shower handle firmly but gently all the way in to the wall. It will stop the flow.
  • Note that turning the handle only regulates the temperature. You need to pull/push the handle to turn on/off the water.
Shower handle turned to right if straight down

Move handle to right of middle for warmer, but not hot, water.

Question: I had hot water but now it is suddenly cold. Did it break?


  • When the water circulation pump runs it will actually push hot water into the cold-water pipe. The that has the effect that when the hot water has been emptied from the cold-water pipe you may experience a slight drop in temperature. Just adjust the temperature handle to the right (= warmer) to find a pleasant temperature.

Question: It takes forever to get hot water? What can I do?